About Vintage Caravans

Our Vintage Caravan dream was established through years of modifications on 50+ year old retro caravans.  However, no matter how hard we tried to restore these old caravans, the timber frames would still rot, twist and leak water.

So, using our unique high skills with Aluminium, we created a caravan that was exceptionally gorgeous to look at, with the intention to turn every head and put a smile on every dial.

Aluminium is great due to a low weight + high strength metal that is used widely in the Aviation Industry. Aluminium does not corrode or rust, so the metal can outlast timber by a mile!

We engineered the sidewall frames perfectly to allow any material, sheet size or skill level to install without hassle, while ensuring strength is always achieved with the carefully calculated support beam dimensions.

Our vintage caravans can be used for absolutely any application, such as:

·      Travelling
·      Coffee van
·      Food van
·      Pizza Van
·      Photo booth
·      Advertising & Business promotions
·      Juice Bar
·      Mobile Hairdresser
·      Beauty parlour
·      Event Hire
·      Photo studio
·      Personal Caravan
·      Extra room/accommodation

Fully compliant and road worthy, all our caravans meet Australia’s strict road + safety laws.

Designed, fabricated and assembled in our factory.