Holding all that groove is our unique aluminium chassis. Our caravan base frame uses marine grade aluminium with 6mm wall thickness! The welded drawbar protrudes 1.5 meters from the front of the caravan shell and supports a massive gross weight of 1.5 tonnes!

The sidewalls are crafted by using 25mm SHS x 3mm supports, rolled into a perfect radius to create the vintage shape.  We have added a wide 50mm x 25mm RHS extrusion in the perfect spots where sheets will meet.

Our window frames are made using a very special 40mm obtuse frame, which makes the internal cladding installation ezy-pzy. The special window frame has a step down, that allows you to fix your internal directly to this, creating an instant aluminium architrave – without sweating!

We could not go any further without mentioning our vintage white-wall tyres!  Large white strip with a mirror finish chrome hub cap, allows you to cruise all the way back to 1966!   Big 700mm diameter rubber, showcased inside our large rolled edge mud guards, oh dear – to much boogie to bear!

Moving onto the external sheeting, we use a 2mm mill-finish aluminium sheet. You can use any material you wish due to our unique position of 50mm x 25mm RHS support extrusion. We have searched the ends of the earth, to find an external retro edging trim. Our craftsman heat-treat the retro edging trim with a large oxy flame, making the metal malleable. Then we sing some love songs and roll with care to achieve the same radius as our vintage caravan shell.

Vintage-Caravans uses a magical flooring product, that is 30% lighter than ply! Fully waterproof, rot proof and no sealant required – you’ll be dancing the night away, hassle free!  This magical product has elephant skin one side, and lightly sanded the other side – so if you wish to lay vinyl ontop, just slap some glue down and off she goes.

Our love-handle ceiling corners can be troublesome to some… but not to us vintage peeps. We lay our hands on 5mm bendable ply and then lets say she’s a quick learner. Quickly finding the shape of the radius, all we need is a few fixing screws to keep her in place. If you adore the raw timber look, a clear coat goes a long way. If the clear coat is not your cup of tea, a few licks of paint will brighten your day.